Aim Higher: Decide to dream, with sportscaster Bob Rathbun

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There’s something very powerful about sports metaphors. We often use them in our business and personal lives because they’re direct, action-oriented, and universally understood.

You really hit a home run with that project.

You need to pass the baton to your successor.

That goal is a high hurdle.

Using those terms are so second-nature to us that we forget there are people for whom they are not just metaphors: actual athletes!




Winning Organizations are in Lockstep

Bob Rathbun has worked with and around some of the greatest sports stars in history, and he makes a really good point during our interview in this episode of “Aim Higher.” He reminds us that every one of the 450 players in the NBA is, individually, a fantastic athlete. A top performer in peak physical condition. In the entire world, out of 7.6 billion people, they are the 450 who are qualified to do this job.

And yet, only one team will win the championship. Why is that?

Bob‘s philosophy — and I agree — is that winning organizations are in lockstep in terms of their thoughts, spirit, and execution, from the top to the bottom. For sports teams, that goes from GM to coaches to players. For your organization, that may be from CEO to directors to managers and line-level staff.



What works for winning NBA teams can work for you and your team. Give a listen to this quick interview with Bob. You’ll come away with some inspiration and ideas for how to dream big and get moving on those dreams, too.






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