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A lifelong student of success, Skip Prichard is an authoritative voice on leadership and self-fulfillment. Skip is a global CEO, best-selling author and popular speaker. His leadership blog is followed by thousands of leaders and aspiring leaders around the world. No matter where you are on your personal journey, Skip can help you achieve your full potential.

What is standing between you and your wildest dreams?

The Book of Mistakes, a self-help tale wrapped in fiction, will take you on an inspiring journey through nine mistakes that prevent many of us from achieving our goals. This Wall Street Journal bestseller is packed with wisdom that will help you discover and follow your personal purpose, push beyond your perceived capabilities, and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

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Reach your full potential by joining a conversation with Skip and his array of guests as they share stories of their own leadership journeys.

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How To Get Along With Difficult People

What do you do in your life or workplace when confronted by difficult people? On this episode of Aim Higher, we discuss how to handle the challenging people in our lives.

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Skip Prichard has been named a Top 100 Leadership Speaker by Inc. Magazine, has authored a WSJ best-selling book, and was deemed a “social CEO” by Harvard Business Review.