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Quotes on Love for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Love It's a holiday dedicated to celebrating love. Regardless of its origins, one thing is certain: you need to get a card for your significant other. That's a minimum and a must, right? And in that card, what do you write? If you drop in a wonderful quote,...

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Shape Your Company’s Future

Create the Best Possible Future   Are you confident in your company’s future? How do you rate your business strategy? Is your team engaged in the creation of your plan? Are you staying ahead of the competition and creating a sustainable advantage? “Strategy is...

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How to Drama-Proof Your Workplace

Reduce the Conflict and Drama   Here are some things I bet you don’t want at work: Tension Mistrust Drama Conflict Backstabbing   Despite what we want, many of us find ourselves working in environments full of conflict and mistrust. What do we do? It’s not...

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Beware the Mountain of Should

The Mountain of Should   The word “should” is one that sparks a reaction. The dictionary will tell you it’s a word that signals a duty or obligation. I previously wrote about "you should" and received reactions from all over the world. Don’t you just love it when...

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Proven Leadership Principles to Elevate Others to Success

Leadership is Not a Title Do you remember how it felt when you got that promotion that also included a Manager, Supervisor, or Executive title? Chances are, you felt pride, a sense of accomplishment, and a bit of excitement. While there is nothing wrong with having a...

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9 Scientific Reasons It May Be Time to Give Up

Wave the White Flag   Why don’t you just give up? Time to throw in the towel? Hey, just move on, why don’t ya? These questions may be lingering inside your head and discouraging you from persevering. As someone who studies motivation, I know that most big goals...

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