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18 Quotes about Art to Add Color to Your Week

What do you think of when you think of an artist? I think first of my daughter, who is always painting and fills our home with color. I also think about artists in a broader sense: musician friends in Nashville and even entrepreneurs who are dreaming up new solutions...

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5 Steps to Getting (un)Busy

Let's Kill Busyness Everyone is busy. And it’s killing us all. Hurry is the new normal. When someone asks us how we’re doing, we tell them that we’re “good… but busy.” We want to achieve our dreams and live a significant life, so we cram our calendars with nonstop...

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Master Your Motivation

How to achieve optimal motivation and get rid of failed motivational tactics. Go beyond discipline, willpower, and goal setting to master your motivation.

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Think Like Amazon

Former Amazon executive John Rossman on how to encourage innovation and change your organization based on Amazon’s practices.

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21 Quotes to Welcome Fall

Quotes for the Season Here in the United States, the fall season officially starts in a few weeks. And yet the unofficial start of fall seems to be Labor Day weekend. I love fall. The crisp air, the explosion of color, the harvest. My emotion in this time period is...

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A User Guide to Being Human

Restore Balance Working as an accountant in industry for over twenty years provided Anne Burton with many examples of how difficult people find it to manage the challenges of business change processes and a first-hand experience of the stress that can result from...

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