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Aim Higher: Why gratitude is so important for leaders

Leadership Gratitude We are starved--as friends, spouses, children, citizens, and workers--for gratitude. I think it's safe to say that we live in a gratitude desert. Maybe, in America at least, that's because we've bought into a myth of self-reliance—a kind of stoic...

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Aim Higher: How to Make Yourself Unhackable

Make Your Brain Unhackable We spend a lot of time, money, and effort on keeping our computers, bank accounts and even our phones from being hacked by malicious actors. But this week on "Aim Higher," I talk to my good friend Kary Oberbrunner about a type of hacking...

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Aim Higher: How Leaders Can Leverage Generational Strengths

Generational context with Jason Dorsey Every generation has its strengths--and the role of leaders working with diverse generations is to leverage those strengths, make space for them to build bridges and engage with each other. That's the main message from my friend...

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Lessons for Leaders from Decisions that Changed History

It's Time to Lead Where is leadership when we need it? What can today’s corporate, non-profit, military, and public-service leaders learn from daring decisions that changed history? In sixteen historical studies, Jan-Benedict Steenkamp reveals lessons for today's...

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Simple Rules for Sustainable Business Growth

Profit or Wealth Many entrepreneurs and business owners are focused on profits. Ruth King argues that they must also consider the importance of building wealth or risk bankruptcy. Understanding financials and setting goals is key to building sustainable, long-term...

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Find and Create Magic in the Mundane

Create Magic Anthea C. Stratigos has been a friend of mine for many years. She is the CEO of Outsell, Inc. and the author of . Whenever I have been in a meeting with Anthea, I...

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Become a Hyper-Learner and Adapt to the Speed of Change

How can we stay relevant in the Digital Age? In the midst of technological developments ranging from advanced AI and machine learning to robotics, it may feel like we will soon lose the battle to stay relevant. Professor Ed Hess asserts that the answer is to become a...

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Learn how to make gratitude your superpower

Learn how to make gratitude your superpower

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