The Resilience Factor in Leadership


Weather the Storms

Leaders guide ships through storms, not just calm seas. It’s about weathering those storms where resilience becomes the heart of leadership.

Resilience isn’t about being unbreakable. It’s about being flexible. Learning to come back, again and again, no matter the setback. Let’s talk about how to instill this into our teams.



I think we’d all acknowledge that resilience is a critical leadership skill. It’s also a skill that great leaders need to coach their teams on. Because if your plan starts with, “Everything will go right the first time,” I’m here to tell you that you will be disappointed.

So, what are some ways that you can build resilience for yourself and for your team. Let’s get the conversation started with a few we discussed on this week’s “Aim Higher” panel:



Tell stories.

Such as the one about being like bamboo instead of an oak tree. Both stand strong. But the bamboo sways and dances. It moves with the gusts of wind. And it survives storms that break the inflexible but mighty-seeming oak tree.

Keep your channels open.

When trust is your currency, communication is key. You need to be alert for when team members are struggling. And they need to trust that you’ll respect their struggles

Learn from mistakes.

Both your own and others’. Failure is a stern teacher. But the lessons of failure are where resilience is often born. Failure need never be permanent.



Celebrate small wins.

Every win counts. The small ones are like ripples that can add up and create a wave of success.

Encourage self-care.

Burnout sinks ships. It’s almost impossible to be resilient when you’re tired, sick, or out of shape.

In resilience, we find the strength to face challenges. Great leaders need to cultivate and nurture it. Because it’s not just about bouncing back: it’s about bouncing forward.



Listen in for some great insight and tips on this important subject.








Image Credit: Pedro Sanz


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