Thinking Creatively About Creativity

The Power of Creativity  The benefits of creativity are extensive.     Creativity enables problem-solving and innovation, allowing employees to find new solutions and drive business growth. Creative thinking promotes adaptability, helping organizations stay agile in a changing environment. It enhances employee engagement and satisfaction by valuing their ideas. Creativity differentiates organizations, attracting customers and […]

Aim Higher: Be the superhero of your own story

Be the superhero   On this episode of “Aim Higher,” I sit down with my friend Ford Saeks, founder and CEO of the Prime Concepts Creative Marketing Agency, and author of (among other books), . Ford is a research-based thought leader and a marketing guru for organizations looking to improve and expand their sales activities. […]

Aim Higher: The death of ambition?

  The Phenomenon of Quiet Quitting   The term “quiet quitting” has been all over the news this year.     It’s generally used to describe workers who have decided to do the minimum required at their jobs. No “going the extra mile,” no overtime, no volunteering for stretch assignments. In short: no ambition.   […]

Aim Higher: The leadership power of focus

The power of focus I’m going to start by saying something I think you may find shocking: Focus is easy.     “Wait a minute?” I hear you say. “What about all the distractions in my life? The smartphone, news, social media, the TV, friends texting me, all kinds of entertainment options, people wanting to […]

Learn the important power of prioritizing sleep

Learn the important power of prioritizing sleep

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