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Time to Launch

Not too long ago, I spoke with an astronaut about what it takes to launch into space. Since I don’t work at NASA and am not a rocket scientist, we were way outside of my comfort zone. He was patient and talked me through the various parts of a successful launch.

It occurred to me, as he was sharing his extensive knowledge, how so many of the elements in a rocket launch are appropriate for launching things right here on planet Earth.


Energy Required

The factor that really interested me was the energy required to launch. We talked about the amount of fuel it takes to propel a rocket into space. I learned that the Space Shuttle had over two million pounds of solid propellant in its boosters.

Two million pounds!

All of this is to fire up the engines, create liftoff, and escape the velocity of the Earth’s atmosphere. The rocket must overcome gravity drag.

What may have been a simple, elementary explanation for a non-scientist crystallized some ideas for me.

If we want to launch something big, it often requires more fuel than we imagine.



Feed Your Success

Are you physically fueling your body for success with the right food and the right exercise and the right amount of sleep?

Are you mentally prepared? Do you listen to uplifting podcasts and read inspirational books?

Are you surrounding yourself with the people who will fuel your success?

Gravity is inevitable. And so are the forces that try to slow you, stop you, and pull you back. Are you listening to voices that are weighing you down? Are you spending time with people who criticize and are a drag on your success?




What’s YOUR Launch?

Today, as many of you know, after months and months of preparation, I am launching my first book. What will propel its message isn’t me, but many of you. It’s people who want to buy a copy to inspire a friend, a small group, or a corporate leader who wants to help a team reach new levels of success. If you want to help share the positivity of the book, we have shareable quotes here for you to send to your networks. Know how grateful I am for this.

This is the type of rocket fuel you need when you have a big goal. It’s not enough to have a destination in mind. You must think about what it truly takes to reach it. The good news is that everything you need is available to you.



I’m prepared for gravity, too. That’s the naysayers and critics who are more interested in tearing things down than building them up. I’m not worried because we have enough momentum to escape the gravity and launch.

Overcoming obstacles is a crucial element to success. We all will face it, sometimes as excuses and other times as negativity. I have never met a successful individual who hasn’t overcome great odds. I think of my interview with the amazing Chrissie Wellington, a triathlete who seemed like she was from another planet. Her tenacity and ability to overcome obstacles taught me powerful lessons.



Prepare Your Own Launch

As you look at your goals today, what are you preparing to launch? Are you surrounding yourself with people who will help you make that a reality? What rocket fuel do you need? Do you take enough time out for you, so that you are fully prepared?



For those of you who are joining me on my own launch, I appreciate you more than you know. I am so grateful and am wishing you a most successful tomorrow.

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Learn the important power of prioritizing sleep

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