Aim Higher: What’s Your Milkshake Story?

Chocolate Milkshake

Your Story

What does it take to be a serial, successful entrepreneur in a highly competitive industry?

Is there a core philosophy that helps turn “good enough” into a wildly successful brand?



According to Cameron Mitchell—one of Ohio’s great restaurant success stories—the secret is putting people first. That means both customers and staff.

Like many great leaders, Cameron often has a single story from his career that really provides an “a-ha!” moment and, afterwards, an ongoing, guiding light to help maintain focus. For Cameron, that’s his “milkshake story.”

Having a simple, easy-to-tell illustration like this is a great way for leaders to quickly convey their values to others. Cameron’s book lists eight values that he feels were important to his success… but it really all boils down to a milkshake.

What’s your “milkshake story?” What was your leadership epiphany that can help clearly articulate your passion and vision?



Listen and hear Cameron tell the milkshake story as only he can.





Or Click here to listen to the milkshake story on iTunes.


Get his book, Yes is the Answer! What is the Question?: How Faith In People and a Culture Of Hospitality Built A Modern American Restaurant Company, to learn more about his compelling story.


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