How to Stop Avoiding and Start Leading

Conflict to Courage No one likes conflict, especially in the workplace, but avoiding it can lead to bigger issues that, if left unresolved, can negatively impact your team and your business. However, conflict isn’t the problem; mismanagement is. Leaders unintentionally mismanage conflict when they turn towards coping mechanisms and patterns like aggression, avoidance, and appeasing. […]

Aim Higher: How to Develop a Courageous Culture

with Karin Hurt & David Dye The greatest tragedies are not based on pitched battles where life-long enemies are pitted against each other. Those are fun for action movies where the hero and the villain have very clear roles and opposing goals. But that’s not tragic; it’s melodramatic. Tragedy is when two people have the […]

Learn the important power of prioritizing sleep

Learn the important power of prioritizing sleep

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