Reach your full potential by joining a conversation with Skip and his array of guests as they share stories of their own leadership journeys.

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Aim Higher: How Leaders Delegate Effectively 

How Leaders Delegate Effectively     In this episode of "Aim Higher," my panel of experts and I discuss how to delegate effectively. We cover a lot of ground in 30 minutes, with tips on how you can create successful delegation...

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Aim Higher: How leaders are coping with COVID-19

Coping with COVID-19 Sitting down with my colleagues for this "Aim Higher" podcast panel was, in a way, both very soothing and very stressful at the same time. It was wonderful because it's an activity that harks back to the time before COVID-19 entered all our lives....

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Aim Higher: Leading with Grace, with John Baldoni

Lead with Grace It's surprising when one simple sentence can sum up so many of today's challenges for aspiring leaders. But my guest on this week's "Aim Higher" did just that. During our chat, John Baldoni -- leadership educator, executive coach, and author of many...

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Aim Higher: Why gratitude is so important for leaders

Leadership Gratitude We are starved--as friends, spouses, children, citizens, and workers--for gratitude. I think it's safe to say that we live in a gratitude desert. Maybe, in America at least, that's because we've bought into a myth of self-reliance—a kind of stoic...

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Aim Higher: How to Make Yourself Unhackable

Make Your Brain Unhackable We spend a lot of time, money, and effort on keeping our computers, bank accounts and even our phones from being hacked by malicious actors. But this week on "Aim Higher," I talk to my good friend Kary Oberbrunner about a type of hacking...

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Aim Higher: How Leaders Can Leverage Generational Strengths

Generational context with Jason Dorsey Every generation has its strengths--and the role of leaders working with diverse generations is to leverage those strengths, make space for them to build bridges and engage with each other. That's the main message from my friend...

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Aim Higher: No shortcuts to success with Annika Sörenstam

Overcoming Trials Annika Sörenstam is one of the greatest golfers in history. As a pro, she won 90 international tournaments, making her the female golfer with the most wins. She won 72 LPGA events including ten majors and 18 other international tournaments, and she...

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Jimmy Wayne: Using Struggle to Drive Success 

Find Your Way In this episode of “Aim Higher,” I had the chance to sit down with someone who is a country music star, bestselling author, philanthropist and a truly humble, creative and generous soul—my friend, Jimmy Wayne. His success is made all the more remarkable...

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