Four Letter Words Banned by Leaders

Banned Words in My House


When my daughter first learned to speak, I started telling her that there are some words that we don’t use in our house.

And they are not the words you would think, though those are also banned.

They are words that limit.  Words that destroy dreams.



There is very little that you “can’t” do.  There are things you won’t do.  There are also things you choose not to do.



Be someone full of love and compassion.  Most “hate” is due to lack of understanding or perspective.  Abraham Lincoln once said, “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.”



Not too long ago, I was watching a high school tennis match. “I suck!” exclaimed this tennis player after each miss.  How does that help?  Instead, it reinforced negative thoughts.  Guess what?  What you say defines your future.



You don’t lose.  You’re not a loser.  Focus on the good plays and what you did well.  It will empower you and ready you for future competitions.



Don’t want.  “I want that” should be replaced with, “I’m going to earn that.”  Everything is possible.



“It’s not fair!”  You may have heard this more than a few times if you have kids, but this attitude permeates adults as well.  Scientists have found no “fairness law” for this universe.  You can create an emotional stew if you think about what it supposed to be and what should be.



If you call another person dumb, you are engaging in name calling and degrading someone unfairly.  Every person in our path is a teacher.  Think a question is dumb?  I have found that what I thought were dumb questions were the most important ones to ask.  Think an idea is dumb?  Those may be the very ideas that could reinvent the future.



We don’t quit.  If we decide to do something, we do it.  If we change our mind, we change our direction and energy to a new, bigger goal.


Watch the words that limit and destroy.  They are insidious.  Treat them like you would a virus.  Do everything you can to keep them out of your house.

Use words that build, that uplift, that inspire.



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