Encourage Someone Today

Imagine waking up one morning.  You turn off the alarm clock and you see a little note.  It’s from your spouse.

It says, “You are the best!  Thank you for a wonderful weekend.  I’m the luckiest person alive to be married to you!”

You check your email and there’s a note from someone who works with you.  “I just wanted to drop you a note to say that your work on our project made all the difference.  You really nailed it.”

You drive to work and someone stops you and says, “I’m glad to see you.  Just seeing you makes me feel good.  Thanks for all you do for me.”

Rather far-fetched?  Can’t possibly imagine that scenario, right? 

We all need encouragement.  We just don’t often get it.  Even little comments can have a big impact.  Children all over the world are just starved for positive reinforcement.  A teacher who makes a positive remark doesn’t realize its power.  I bet everyone reading this can remember something a teacher said.  That need doesn’t go away.

What would your day be like today if you started getting comments, emails, tweets, or notes of all kinds all with encouraging messages?  Would your performance be different?  Of course it would.

Who needs encouragement today?  Answer:  everyone!  It makes a difference.  When someone reads a blog post and leaves a comment, that’s a great shot in my arm.  When you see something awesome today, let that person know it.  You may not realize it, but you are providing the rocket fuel of confidence.

Here’s your assignment.  Ready?

1.  Write down the names of three people who you want to encourage.

2.  Think of something specific.  What is it that you admire about the person or something he or she did?  Always be absolutely genuine.  If it isn’t admirable, find something else.

3.  Communicate it—now.  It can be an email, a handwritten note or even a quick phone call.  Don’t delay.  Otherwise, it will just be something you imagine you should do someday.

I’m sure that if you do this every week, you will find it a positive experience.  Here are a few things I bet you will find:

  • You will start looking for the good in people and situations, making you more positive.
  • You will be more motivated.
  • You will find that the encouragement comes back to you, too.  It may be years later, and you may find it return in different ways.


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Learn the important power of prioritizing sleep

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