Are You Low on Rocket Fuel?

In his keynote speeches, Tim Sanders often says, “Confidence is the rocket fuel of success.”  Tim’s ability to ignite your thoughts and propel you to a new destination will have you calling him your personal rocket fuel.

Meet Tim and you immediately sense his energy.  And it’s a good thing he has that energy.  He’s a sought-after international speaker and Fortune 1000 consultant.  He’s also the author of Love Is the Killer App, The Likeability Factor, Saving the World at Work, and his latest, Today We Are Rich.  He was the chief solutions officer at Yahoo! Currently, he is the CEO of Los Angeles tech start-up Net Minds.

Tim and I talked about the unique challenges in his life, which he discusses in his new book.  Abandoned by both of his parents, Tim was raised by his wise grandmother, Billye.  Her simple wisdom planted the seeds of Tim’s success.  By listening to his stories about Billye, you will learn that Tim had a front row seat to a personal development seminar.  And Billye never held back her pearls of wisdom.

In his latest book, Today We Are Rich, Tim talks about his personal life and the challenges he faced along the way.

Tim highlights seven principles of total confidence.

Confidence Principles

  1. Feed your mind good stuff.
  2. Move the conversation forward.
  3. Exercise your gratitude muscle.
  4. Give to be rich.
  5. Prepare yourself.
  6. Balance your confidence.
  7. Promise made, promise kept.

Tim’s advice is timeless.  Beyond his advice, I have noticed something else about Tim.  It’s something I think is the rocket fuel for his own success:  He is intensely interested in the success of others.  He wants you to win.


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