Aim Higher: Choose to win with Tom Ziglar

The Ziglar Legacy

If you’ve heard the last name “Ziglar,” you probably associate it with Zig Ziglar, the world-famous author, speaker and motivational trainer. For decades, though, Zig’s company was run by his son and CEO, Tom Ziglar. Zig trusted his son to run the business, and Tom learned the skills, attitude and strengths of leadership and motivation from one of the best–both as a business mentor, and as a father and friend.

It is absolutely fascinating to sit down and chat with someone who is truly a “second-generation” thinker, writer and speaker like Tom. He took so much of his dad’s work and then expanded on it with his own unique, powerful ideas.


“Success and significance are stepping-stones on the way to legacy.” -Tom Ziglar



Leave a Legacy

In this episode of “Aim Higher,” we talk in some depth about the thoughts in Tom’s book Choose to Win: Transform Your Life One Simple Choice at a Time. There’s a lot to learn from just a half-hour with Tom, and I think you’ll also be motivated to take a look at his book. But he also shared one other specific, delightful point with me, and I want to pass it on. He suggested that when we read a really good book, we should think about reading it a second time, and jot down, in the margins, the names of important people in our lives when passages remind us of them. If you’re among those who find writing in books a horror, you could do it on note cards and leave them tucked inside, certainly… But the point is the same, and I think it’s a lovely one.

“Your calling is not meant to fit who you are today, but who God created you to become.” -Tom Ziglar


Paying it Forward

How often do we read leadership books or self-help guides and think, “My brother really exemplifies this trait,” or “My daughter is great at this!” Or, in a work environment, “Our new HR manager really has made a difference in this area.” How nice it would be to make a record of that, both for yourself and, maybe, to share with them some day. It’s a great way to personalize and memorialize information that we take in, and I thank Tom for that wonderful tip.

It’s a great example of his practical, kind wisdom. I hope you’ll listen in for more of the same.


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“You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind.” –Zig Ziglar


“You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.” –Zig Ziglar


“The family choices you make will set the example and influence you want to be for your loved ones.” -Tom Ziglar



For more information, see Choose to Win: Transform Your Life One Simple Choice at a Time.


“You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.” –Zig Ziglar


“Consistently doing what you say you will do is the foundation of integrity.” – Skip Prichard


“What you’re doing is important. But why you’re doing it is the real key.” -Tom Ziglar


Photo Credit: Drahomir Posteby-Mach



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