Why Your Leadership View Trumps Strategy

Your View Impacts Your Success

It was 1984 when Roger Ulrich released the results of a study that changed the way modern medical science thought about patient recovery.  Patients who had gallbladder surgery were split between hospital rooms with a view of nature and rooms with a view of a brick wall.  Controlling for all other factors, Dr. Ulrich concluded that those with a view of the nature outside recovered faster, required less pain medicine, and had fewer negative comments recorded by the nurses.

Intuitively, the conclusions make sense.  A natural view creates a sense of peace, reduces stress and helps us relax.  The study had a wide-ranging impact on the environments of hospitals and other institutions.

Interesting, you say, and then you file this tidbit away should you ever find yourself healing from gallbladder surgery:  When that happens, I want a room with a view!

I believe that healing from surgery is not the only benefit of a good view.

The doctors in this study, working in a suburban Pennsylvania hospital, had the same strategy in mind for the patients.  But the results were different based on a factor that they were not controlling.  That difference was not the medicines, the care, nor the treatment strategy.

The difference was the view.



Same Goals, Different Outcomes

The same strategy, the same goals, the same execution may result in different outcomes.  Why?  The view.

Why do some teams have spectacular results?  Why do some leaders create sustainable energy?

It’s not the physical view or the furniture.  It’s not the view of nature.  Studies also show that meditation creates similar results.  The reason is that these patients change their mental view.



So, let me ask you an obvious question:

What’s your view?  You have the power to create a mental picture for you, for your life, for your future.  You can change your reality by changing your view.



And, if you are a leader, what type of view are you creating?  Leaders know that creating a positive environment has a similar positive effect.  Like the view of nature, a positive environment sows powerful seeds for growth.

Successful people create a positive vision of the future.  That view subtly changes outcomes for the better.  These individuals see themselves as already accomplishing the goal and succeeding.

How are you creating an environment that will energize you and your team?

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