Treat Me Like a Customer

One of my local Nashville friends, Louis Upkins, is someone who is filled with energy and ideas.  Whenever we get together, I am energized.  Louis has worked with some of the biggest names in business, sports, and entertainment. He wrote a thought-provoking book called Treat Me Like a Customer, which encourages business people to treat their families at least as well as their customers.  In a world that seems to be accelerating faster and faster, he has timeless advice on balance and lessons of success that really matter.

I spent some time with Louis talking about these principles and what he has learned from a life spent with fascinating people.

Here are nine random notes I starred in the margins of Louis’ thoughtful book:

  1. Return calls at least as promptly to your family at home as you do with customers.
  2. Follow through with what you say you will do.
  3. Don’t go to bed angry.
  4. Listen carefully, looking them in the eyes.
  5. Write in a journal.
  6. Create a strategic family plan.
  7. Go the extra mile whenever possible.
  8. Avoid “fightin’ words” like “You always” or “You never.”
  9. Celebrate your success.


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