Transcend Your Mistakes: The Power of Personal Growth

transcend mistakes

Harness the Power of Story to Transform

Have you ever stopped to contemplate the mistakes we make in life? The missteps, the misguided decisions, the missed opportunities? Recently, I had the privilege of being a guest on “Side by Side,” a PBS special hosted by the insightful Nido Quebein. We discussed this very topic, a subject close to my heart and the focus of my book, The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future

Our conversation centered around the fundamental human errors that often keep us from realizing our potential. In writing this book, I meticulously studied and researched these common pitfalls. The goal was not to dwell on the negativity but rather to bring to light the potential for growth and improvement inherent in each mistake. However, rather than presenting my findings as dry data or statistics, I chose a more engaging medium – storytelling.



Stanford’s Jennifer Aaker once stated that stories are remembered 22 times more than facts. This fascinating statistic was the catalyst behind my decision to tell the lessons of my book through narratives. Especially for the younger generation, stories resonate and remain memorable, fostering a deeper connection with the lessons they impart. It’s one thing to know a fact, and it’s an entirely different thing to hear a story that emotionally connects you to that fact.

Our conversation on “Side by Side” took us through a gamut of topics including the importance of living your passion, the need to rise above mediocrity, the power of positive associations, and the surprisingly contemporary relevance of libraries today.



Living Your Passion

How often do we abandon our passion as we take a job and get busy in life? In our pursuit, we often forget to listen to our hearts. Living your passion is about marrying your profession with your purpose. It’s about doing what excites you, what ignites the fire in your soul. When you live your passion, you rise above mediocrity because you’re motivated by love for what you do, and love is a powerful motivator.



Rising Above Mediocrity

Our lives encourage conformity, but it’s in challenging the status quo that we truly shine. Rising above mediocrity is about daring to be different, about taking risks, about refusing to settle. It’s about recognizing that you are unique, with your own set of skills, experiences, and perspectives. The pull to the mediocre is strong and learning to overcome this pull is important to success.


The Power of Positive Associations

The people we surround ourselves with significantly impact our lives. Positive associations bring out the best in us, encouraging growth, sparking inspiration, and fostering a supportive environment. By choosing to surround ourselves with positive influences, we can harness this power to drive us towards success.



Embracing Transformation

The journey of life is marked by continuous transformation, each stage preparing us for the next. By embracing these changes and viewing them as opportunities for growth, we can better navigate the course of our lives. We talked about libraries and how they are surprisingly resilient, how they serve communities, and offer each individual the chance to transform their lives.


Life Mistakes

The road to success is littered with potential mistakes. By viewing these errors not as stumbling blocks but stepping stones, we can use them to propel us forward. The Book of Mistakes seeks to guide readers on this path, offering insights to transcend mediocrity.

Life will always be full of mistakes, but each one holds a lesson, a secret to creating a successful future. This is the very essence of the book and indeed, our conversation on “Side by Side.”

Here’s what I’ve learned: early in life we develop a fear of making mistakes. We view them as a sign of failure. But, in reality, it’s through these mistakes that we truly learn, grow, and evolve. If we never made mistakes, we’d never discover new paths or uncover fresh perspectives. Our mistakes are the keys to our most transformative journeys.

As Dr. Quebein concluded our conversation on “Side by Side,” I was struck once again about the importance of personal development. It was a fun interview, and one I hope you enjoy watching.

There’s something incredibly powerful about reframing our perception of mistakes and using them as a force for growth and success.


Book of Mistakes by Skip Prichard

Learn the 9 key mistakes we make and how to overcome them.






Image Credit: Michael Dziedzic

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