The Power of Reinvention with Richard Bliss


Reinvent Yourself



Change is the only constant, they say.

That seems more true now than ever. The concept of sticking with one career for over four decades? It’s mostly a thing of the past. You and I, we’re likely using tools and technologies we could never have imagined at the beginning of our careers. As leaders, navigating these changes is not just about adapting ourselves, but about guiding our entire team through the shifts.



I recently had an insightful chat with my friend Richard Bliss, CEO of BlissPoint Consulting. With a rich background in diverse roles across various industries, Richard has faced many a time when he had to ‘reinvent’ himself. Sometimes he was compelled to, and at others, it was a personal choice driven by his own ambitions.Richard Bliss

Richard has a treasure trove of advice. One nugget, in particular, stood out – a pearl of wisdom for you to ponder over:

“Don’t plan to make money. Plan to learn, and an opportunity will present itself.” 

This might seem a bit strange, right? When contemplating a career change or a shift within your current industry, the ultimate goal – your livelihood after the change – should be your focus, no?



But give it a second thought. If you’re stepping into a new domain, if you’re ‘reinventing’ yourself, you likely lack the comprehensive understanding of your new pursuit. If you rush towards the finish line before understanding the race? Expect plenty of detours, backtracks, and do-overs.



Focus on the Next Step

Instead, break down your goals. Focus on the immediate step ahead. Prioritize learning so that you can determine the subsequent step. And then the one after that.

Often, when we think of reinventing ourselves, we fantasize about the transformation’s end state. The exciting, rejuvenated ‘new me’. But do we really have a clear picture of that before we embark on this journey?



Believe me, you can achieve anything you set your heart on. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Listen to Richard’s advice on how to kick-start your journey and position yourself for success when making a significant change.



Listen to the podcast.


Image Credit: Jukan Tateisi

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