My Vote for the Biggest Challenge of the Year May Surprise

The Biggest Leadership Challenge

If you are a leader, you will face challenges. That’s part of leadership. It’s part of what makes it fun: You never know what will hit you on a given day.

Today’s environment is serving up heaping helpings of all of the “normal” leadership challenges, and adding a number of side dishes that were completely unexpected. Recruiting and retaining employees, the acceleration of technology, communication, taking action on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion issues, managing change, on and on.


“Corporate culture is being turned upside down in a hybrid environment.” – Tammi Spayde


Another challenge I see as incredibly important this year is simplifying complexity. Adam Bryant told me that “simplifying complexity is a leader’s superpower.”


“Simplifying complexity is a leader’s superpower.” -Adam Bryant


What’s My #1 Pick?

All of these are good, but they aren’t my #1 pick for a leadership issue.

Now, I normally don’t like click-bait headlines or blog posts that promise some kind of surprise ending. Maybe they generate more views, but it is not my style.

With that being said, I really think you should listen all the way through to the end of this week’s “Aim Higher” podcast to find out my pick for the number one challenge facing leaders in the next year. Not because I want to trick you – you can always fast-forward, after all – but because many of the other issues brought up by my colleagues can be seen as a result of this one challenge.



That’s what I’d like you to think about as you listen this week. All the important actions my panelists suggest, all the ways we’re reacting to this pandemic environment, all the problems and situations you’re struggling with… I think there’s one overarching symptom that exacerbates them all.


“What can we learn from our pandemic experiences? What can we adapt and adopt that’s worked well?” – Skip Prichard


As always, my guests bring some great insight and advice. And I’m interested to see if, by the end, you agree with me about how all those pieces fit together.



“Corporate culture will be reshaped and remade in this next decade.” – Tammi Spayde


“Networking is a big challenge, both externally and within your own company.” – Chip Nilges


“Inflation will be a big challenge for many businesses. Not all companies can just pass cost increases on to customers.” – Drew Bordas


“Diversity, equity, inclusion can’t just be in our words. They have to be built into our systems and processes. ” – Skip Prichard



Image Credit: Oscar Keys



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