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Mastering Your Life Right Now (and a book giveaway)

For over thirty years (10,950 days), Robert D Smith has worked behind the scenes as Andy Andrews’ manager and as a consultant to numerous best-selling authors and speakers.  Most know him as THE Robert D, and his infectious energy and enthusiasm for life radiates into a room even before he steps into it.


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When I read THE Robert D’s book, I realized it was the perfect way to start a new year.  It’s packed with practical steps to make the most of your days.  It’s a fast read, but one that will linger with you as you contemplate your life.

Let’s start with the title.  20,000 Days and Counting.  That grabbed my attention as I wondered about the significance of 20,000 days.  Turns out that you realized in 2009 that you had been alive for almost 20,000 days.  That realization had a big impact on you, didn’t it?

I would say the impact was huge. When you see your number, it really gives you a sense of urgency and intensity.

2.  I love to invent reasons to celebrate.  My wife and I celebrate more dates than anyone, and I even invent anniversaries and holidays just so we can celebrate something.  So, I was thrilled to see you talking about celebrating in this book.  Why is celebrating so important?  How do you make it a part of your daily life?

20000daysCelebrating is critical because it’s the only way to withstand living a life of intensity and purpose. If you’re living each and every day with meaning and intentional action to fulfill your purpose, you’re going to be drained from time to time. Allowing yourself time to celebrate the little accomplishments along the way will keep you focused and help you avoid burnout.

3.  From what I read, you seem to love the word “no.”  Why is “no” such a power word?

I looooove hearing “no” because all it means is that I’m one step closer to getting a “yes.” So many people live their lives with an irrational fear of “no.” And why? Because we naturally fear rejection. Listen—rejection is an ingredient in just about every success that has ever happened. So there is no reason whatsoever to be afraid of “no.”

4.  You live with great passion.  Speak to the person reading this who is just struggling to find a passion.  How do you find it?

Get out a piece of paper right now, this instant. Title it “My Purpose in Life” and just start writing all you can until you can’t write anymore. You don’t even need to write complete sentences. Be 100% honest with yourself. When you think you can’t write any more, go a little bit further. Be open. Expect this to work; then it will.

5.  Living your life in a way that matters and as if it were your last day.  You have a different perspective about the old cliché that really struck me.  How do you see it?

Living each day as if it’s your last is not about blowing off work and doing a bunch of crazy things. It’s about having a specific mindset that forces you to focus on the next 15 minutes and nothing else. It’s about repeatedly asking yourself two questions—What’s important right now? And what’s next?

6.  The last time I saw you was when I interviewed AndyThe Robert D Andrews.  Tell us about your association and what’s he like to work with?

Andy and I have worked together for more than 30 years now, which is pretty rare in this business. The way we work is this—Andy writes and speaks, and I do all the other behind-the-scenes things that need to be done. When we first started, we agreed to always be 100% honest with one another. Oddly enough, that rule has worked out very well for both of us!

He has truly been a gift from God in my life. He’s not just my client, and I’m not just his manager—we are friends and counselors for one another. I can’t wait to see what we do next.

7.  What lessons have you learned in working with and watching Andy from the beginning as a young adult all the way through to a mega-successful author and speaker?

If you want to be one of the best, you have to learn from the best. Andy has done a remarkable job of surrounding himself with people in both his professional and personal life who have accomplished the things he wants to accomplish—whether it’s writing a New York Times bestseller or being a good dad. He’s a master at seeking, and applying, wisdom. I’ve tried to do the same.

8.  You end the book with a chapter titled “One Final Note: My Desire for You.”  What is your hope for others in reading this book?

My hope is that people give themselves permission to live with passion and purpose. When it comes to those two things, we hold ourselves back more than anyone else does.

9.  From your first answer, I know why you wrote the book.  But, why now?  You’ve been in and around the publishing business for decades.  What made you decide to step into the spotlight?

It really all kind of happened by accident. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of people come to me and ask to see how Andy and I do things. I’d usually spend two to four hours taking them through the thought process that has guided us and allowed us to stay in business for so long.bookcover20000days

One day, some of the guys at the office told me we should create a video course based on the information shared in these meetings that we could put online. Of course, to do that we would need a website. So I agreed to do that.

Then, they come to me and wanted to know if there is was any content we could give away to people who sign up for the e-mail list. So I sent them some of the material that would eventually become 20,000 Days and Counting. A few days later, they started trying to convince me that it should be a published book. After a few more people came to me and said that the material really was affecting their lives, I finally relented.




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