The Magical World of Erin Morgenstern

Erin Morgenstern debuted as an author last year with a most creative book, The Night Circus (it’s also one of my favorite book covers of 2011).  In addition to receiving numerous rave reviews, the book was recently awarded the Alex Award by the ALA, which is given to the top ten adult books that also appeal to young adults.

As I talked with Erin about her achievement, I was struck by three success themes:

1.  Persistence.  She started a writing contest and participated in various levels for a few years.  Unlike many with a desire to write, she kept at it.  Erin disciplined herself to create her dream and in the process created a dream-like world.

2.  Creative Process.  We discussed her particular creative process and how painting and writing help reinforce each other.

3.  Visualization.  Erin’s background as a student of design and theater help her see entire worlds.  Then her words bring these worlds to life for the reader.

In addition, we talked about how she is dealing with her new success as a writer and who influenced her along the way.

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