How to Provide Extraordinary Customer Service

Learn to Provide Extraordinary Service

What is it that makes customer service extraordinary?

This week is Customer Service Week, a week to remind organizations of the importance of customers and the week to especially celebrate those who provide this service day in and day out.

In honor of Customer Service Week, I want to share a conversation I had with an expert in the field of customer service, Mark Sanborn. Mark is an extraordinary professional speaker, the bestselling author of numerous books on customer service and leadership, and a personal friend. His many books have inspired me and countless others to raise our own performance and deliver exceptional service.

In this brief nine-minute conversation, we talk about:

  • What differentiates extraordinary customer service from average service
  • How good recovery means everything if you miss
  • How to use creativity instead of capital to fix customer service problems
  • The danger of indifference
  • Overcompensating for customer service misses
  • How leaders can develop a customer service culture throughout an organization


Customer Service Quotes from Mark Sanborn

Some of my favorite customer service quotes from this interview or from his books:


“Don’t sell products or services. Instead, create an experience for your customers.”–Mark Sanborn


“Go beyond simply satisfying the customer. Aim to astound.” –Mark Sanborn


“The customers who are willing to pay you the least will always demand the most.” –Mark Sanborn


“Exceptional service means keeping every commitment you make to customers. Period.” –Mark Sanborn


“Customer service is extraordinary when it’s memorable in a positive way.” –Mark Sanborn


“Sameness isn’t memorable. Getting it all right keeps you from bad customer service but doesn’t help you achieve great customer service.” –Mark Sanborn


“Fear nothing but to waste the present moment.” –Mark Sanborn


“The challenge is to outthink rather than outspend your problems.” –Mark Sanborn


“Replace money with imagination. Replace capital with creativity.” –Mark Sanborn


“Money is what you do when you lack imagination.” –Mark Sanborn


“Indifference is a lack of engagement.” –Mark Sanborn


“Neutrality is a myth. You’re either for the customer or against them.” –Mark Sanborn


“Indifference is the #1 killer of loyalty.” –Mark Sanborn







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