How to Navigate the Maze of Health and Nutrition Plans

Develop Your Personalized Health Plan


69% of adults and 33% of children struggle with their weight.

An estimated 50% of adults have pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Health care is an increasing financial burden for many people and businesses.

And every leader wants to be more effective, have more energy, sleep better, and make a bigger impact.

David Nico, PhD, affectionately known as Dr. Healthnut, wants to inspire all of us to live healthier. His new book, Diet Diagnosis: Navigating the Maze of Health and Nutrition Plans is a recipe for health. In his book, he patiently walks through all of the various confusing diet plans, explaining them in an easy to understand way that will help you make the decisions that are right for you.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with him about his research.



Decoding the Diet Myths

There is so much conflicting news about health and diet. Your new book indicates each person is unique and needs a different plan. How do you know what is right for you?

Diet DiagnosisYear after year I walk into bookstores and see the same methodology in terms of diet and health book approaches to the lifestyle disease epidemic. It goes something like this, “Here’s my diet plan. Do my plan. It will work for you. I have testimonials to prove it.” Our society focuses on scales and pounds and we look for quick fixes. This only lasts for a short time in most cases. Once you finish the diet, you can just go back to your former lifestyle or take a magic pill.

The myth in diet and nutrition and the health industry is that one specific diet plan will work for everyone instead of a personalized approach for each individual based on their interests, preferences, situation, and lifestyles.

I go opposite of every other prescriptive diet and health book and encourage a lifetime personalized lifestyle approach which is much easier on the mind and healthier for the metabolism! Everyone needs a blueprint that works individually for their unique lifestyle. I show how to create an action plan, to listen to your body, add the right foods, and avoid problem foods or ingredients. Instead of giving you the fish, I teach you how to fish, so you will fish for life.



Weight gain. Our whole society is struggling more than ever before. Why? 

Weight gain is NOT the problem! We need to change how we THINK about our food and lifestyle behaviors. The truth is, we are gaining the wrong type of weight (fat). For example, an athlete may gain muscle weight but is fit with less inches compared to a dieter who weighs less but is unhealthy. Muscle weighs more than fat. Ultimately, we want to feel great and look great, and my self-leadership approach with coaching methodology shows how to think about food correctly which results in a lifetime lifestyle transformation.



Eliminate these 3 Ingredients Now

What are the top 3 things we eat that you would eliminate immediately?

Most of the healthier diets agree on 3 things that are major contributors to the overweight and obesity epidemic: 

  1. Sugar excess
  2. Artificial ingredients
  3. Processed and refined foods

The foundation of health starts with real food. GMOs, additives, artificial sweeteners, unhealthy and refined processed foods are not real foods because the body was not designed to properly digest and assimilate them. At the microscopic cellular level, they wreak havoc on the gut microbiome, immune system, body, and brain.


What would you add to the average diet? Any superfoods that everyone can benefit from? Why?

There are 3 things I would add to the average diet: 

  1. Pure water
  2. Nutrient dense foods
  3. Fiber

Freeze-dried superfoods are beneficial for acquiring a variety of micronutrients which are challenging to achieve for the average person with the standard diet. For example, how many of us will consume 9-14 servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Yet, it’s beneficial to add a high quality superfood blend to water or a shake. The phytochemicals, polyphenols, and antioxidants found in fruit and vegetable superfoods support the immune system, boost energy, and protect cells from free radical damage and excess aging.


Of the main diet plans covered in Diet Diagnosis, is there one that most everyone would benefit from trying?

Everyone will benefit from adding nutrient dense foods. For example, vegetables are typically high water, high fiber, high micronutrients, and low calorie. We can eat a large variety of vegetables and feel satisfied and energized.


Someone like you we assume eats flawlessly. And then I read about you eating your wife’s pie. Would you share that story? David Nico

Just because something is healthy does not mean it is always beneficial! My wife made a delicious healthy pie one Valentine’s Day. I consumed too much in one sitting. Although the pie contained amazing ingredients, I ate it too quickly and didn’t realize I consumed a large amount of coconut oil. I overindulged which resulted in a stomach ache. Not a fun memory for what was supposed to be a special occasion.



How do we stop ourselves in this situation before it’s too late? 

Our society is stressed. We need to be intentional about taking time to relax and enjoy our food. Chew slowly, breathe, and live life a little. It’s difficult to do in our fast-paced world. Slowing down allows time for our gut to signal to our brain we are full. If we eat too quickly or without thinking about the reasons why we we eat, we overindulge. There are unhealthy ingredients which will perpetuate the overeating cycle. If we understand food is for energy and to function effectively in our work and life, we will make healthier and more balanced choices.

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Inspiring Healthy Community

Any inspiring stories (without names) that you can share of a leader who adopted these practices? What’s your goal with this book?

Please read a few of the inspiring stories on the book website at What I love the most is everyone achieved results using a variety of healthier lifestyle and diet practices they chose to incorporate into their plan. The results emphasize the importance of implementing a behavioral strategy for long-term health success.

I want to make a positive difference by helping people and especially leaders to fulfill their mission. My message is one of exhortation, inspiration, and teaching to leaders and organizations on how to create and sustain healthy lifestyles. Ultimately, my vision is for the healthiest choices to be readily available to everyone, everywhere. I believe the book is a catalyst to inspire healthier communities, organizations, and leaders.



Diet Diagnosis: Navigating the Maze of Health and Nutrition Plans



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