Happy Memorial Day

Don’t Forget

In the United States, it’s Memorial Day weekend. It’s a time when families and friends get together. This week, you’ll see picnics and catch the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. Go to the mall and you’ll find a big sale. You may have the chance to catch a baseball game. The summer is officially beginning.

In the midst of all of this, let’s also pause to remember what Memorial Day really is all about. It’s about those who paid the ultimate price and gave their lives for our country and for our freedom.

My friend Lee Greenwood’s song, God Bless the USA, is one of those remarkable anthems that inspires patriotism and reminds us of the precious gift we have been given. Take a few minutes out of your long weekend and enjoy this song. I love this live version from a baseball stadium in 2001.



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