5 Winning Lessons from Book Covers

The other day I shared my annual best book cover list.

Did you ever think that a book cover could teach powerful life lessons?  What’s the leadership lesson from a book cover?  Last year, I shared how they can help with goal setting.  This year, let’s consider what the great book covers teach us.

A great book cover teaches us to:


Be expressive.  The best covers communicate.  They may be bursting with color.  They convey ideas but also evoke emotion.  Winners are people who express who they are without reservation.

Be original.  There are many book covers that look the same.  Winners stand out.  Name five people who you would define as winners and leaders.  My guess is that you also describe them as independent and unique.

Winning Lessons

  1. Be expressive
  2. Be original
  3. Be bold
  4. Be creative
  5. Be a reflection

Be bold.  Don’t hold back.  Winners take a stand, and make a statement.

Be creative.  The best book covers are creative.  Designers and artists work to create something wonderful.  Creativity is a subject I study because it’s a vital element of success.

Be a reflection.  Ever read a book and look back at the cover and think, “That works! What an awesome cover”?  Many on this year’s list may do that, but one that sticks out for me is on last year’s list.  Erin Morgenstern’s imaginative book The Night Circus was perfect.  (I even interviewed her in colors to match the theme.) In life, winners know that winning starts on the inside, and in private.  Work on yourself first and then, when you do win, your life is only reflecting who you’ve become.

So, in the year ahead, I encourage you to be expressive, original, bold, creative, and a reflection of who you are.  You’ll find that it will lead you to a happier, more successful you.

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