What’s Your Yes?

Some people are defined by “yes”.  They live to fulfill their “yes”.  They dream, plan and act all according to their “yes.”  Everything they do revolves around the “yes” of their own lives.

Their opposites are “no” people.  These are people who don’t live for their “yes.”  Instead, they just try to avoid their own “no.”  They never discover their own potential.

My friend Mike Glenn recently wrote a book called The Gospel of Yes.  I asked him about the title of this book.  He grew up in a way and in a church that defined life with “no.”  (As in no drinking, no smoking, no this and no that.)

But, he later realized that life’s power is in the “yes”:

It’s not what we are against, but what we are for.

It’s not what you’re bad at, but what you’re good at.

It’s not about your limitations, but about your gifts.

By living in your own unique “yes”, you are living in your strength zone.

What’s your purpose? 

What is your value and unique gift?  What if you could live in your strength—in your “yes” instead of being defined by your own “no”?

When I first moved to Nashville over five years ago, I met Pastor Mike Glenn.  He is the senior pastor of Brentwood Baptist, one of the mega-churches here in the Nashville area.  If you are visiting Nashville, it’s hard to miss the church from the road.  It’s massive and every year I’ve been here it seems that they are adding another wing.  Since I’ve lived here, I think they’ve added a chapel, basketball courts, a café, and a new auditorium.  Mike draws crowds of thousands every week and he’s particularly popular with young adults.  Read this book and you will see why so many people want to hear Mike speak.  It’s powerful, uplifting, and will have you saying “yes!”

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