What’s Your Purpose?

Named one of the world’s top leadership experts, John Baldoni is a recognized name for anyone studying the subject of leadership.  He has appeared on numerous programs, been quoted in publications as diverse as the New York Times to Investor’s Business Daily, and he has written articles for Inc. and the Harvard Business Review.  Having now read John’s tenth book, I recently enjoyed discussing leadership theory and practice with him.

If you regularly read his columns, you know that John scours the world for models of success and presents examples for you to follow.  Well before I was a CEO, I followed his practical tips.  If you are in a leadership position, he is someone you want to follow.  If you want to move up in an organization, he has some wise counsel.

In his latest book, Lead With Purpose, John outlines ways for you to improve.  The Chapter headings:

  1. Lead for Purpose
  2. Inspire Purposeful People
  3. Make Ambiguity Comfortable by Clarifying Purpose
  4. Turn Purpose into Great Results
  5. How Strong Purpose Makes it Safe to Fail
  6. Develop the Next Generation of Purposeful Leaders
  7. Steel Your Own Purpose

Whenever I read a book, I write my own reflections and thoughts.  I thought I’d share just a sample of my thoughts scribbled in the margins of the book:

  • We all crave to be a part of something meaningful.  Whether a company, a country, or a family—all groups should think about their main goal.
  • Purpose helps point the direction like a compass.
  • Everyone connects to purpose in a different way.  And a central purpose may need some tweaks in different places.
  • Profit is never the purpose of a business.  It’s a goal, a success metric, and a measurement of how a company is succeeding with its primary purpose.
  • All of us need to think about purpose.  Is what you are doing benefiting the organization?
  • Those who align with the organization’s purpose are more likely to be promoted.
  • Your personal purpose in life cannot be ignored.  If you’re working in a job where you are not moving toward your own purpose, you are not going to be fulfilled.


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