The Best Book Covers of 2015

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It’s no secret that I love books. Last year, I confessed to abiliophobia, the fear of being without a book or at least something to read. There’s little more concerning to me than being stuck somewhere with nothing to read.

Fortunately for me, my career has me covered. Whether in a library, a book warehouse, a publisher, a bookstore or my home, I always have several within reach.

Like most of us, a book cover captures my interest. I often pause and peruse books simply based on the graphic design.

Do you ever buy a book because you are attracted to its cover?  That’s the goal of every designer: to influence that moment and make you take action. Pick me up!

Each year, I make a list of the best book covers.  And, it’s not only fun, did you know that book covers also offer valuable leadership and goal setting lessons?  (Click here to read more.)



If you want to compare this year’s list with previous years:

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Without further ado, here are the Best Book Covers of 2015.

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Place By National Geographic


The First King of Hollywood: The Life of Douglas Fairbanks By Tracey Goessel



The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them By Justin Warner


Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet By Jesse Itzler



Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words By Randall Munroe



Trace: Memory, History, Race, and the American Landscape By Lauret Savoy


The Hundred Year Flood By Matthew Sales



Language Arts By Stephanie Kallos



Hold Still By Sally Mann



After the Parade By Lori Ostlund



When the Doves Disappeared By Sofi Oksanen



Church of Marvels By Leslie Parry



Hurry Please I Want to Know By Paul Griner



Look Who’s Back By Timur Vermes



The Room By Jonas Karlsson



The Seven Good Years: A Memoir By Etgar Keret



Satin Island: A Novel By Tom McCarthy



Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary By National Geographic


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