New Beginnings

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”  Frank Herbert

Today I’m announcing personal news.  I am stepping down from my role as CEO of Ingram Content Group and turning over the leadership reins to John Ingram.

Five years ago, I joined Ingram in large part because I was excited about the possibilities ahead for the company.  Excited to work with John Ingram, I signed up to accomplish certain goals, and those goals have all been met one by one. 

Ingram Content Group is better positioned than ever before to navigate all of the changes happening in the industry.  Whether it’s digital textbooks from VitalSource, the leading content distribution platform of CoreSource or the new physical Ingram Publisher 3PL services, the company has many avenues for continued growth in coming years.

Part of leadership is knowing when you have completed the mission.  My timing for wanting to move to a new phase coincided with John Ingram’s desire to assume a more direct role.  I’m excited for what’s ahead for Ingram and also for me as I embark on a new path.

I’ve decided to consult, speak and coach before jumping into a new CEO position full-time.

UPDATE:  I have joined a new organization as CEO.  See: An Exciting Leadership Challenge.



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