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Change Your Mood With Spam

All of us have spam that makes it through the email filters and lands in our inboxes. One scam after the next entices us. Your friend is trapped and needs money? Someone willed you a large fortune? Or the one that I recently noticed on Twitter was that I was related to someone who died in an airplane crash. The fortune was all mine if only I would send back all of my personal information. Ahem, I don’t think so…



It never ends. So what do you do with all of this spam?

If you do what I do and delete it, you’re missing an opportunity.

James Veitch is absolutely hilarious as he explains how he has been answering SPAM email for the last three years.

Warning: don’t watch this at your desk at work. You will not be able to stop yourself from laughing out loud.



What I love about what James did is that he had an absolute blast. He turned something negative to positive, making the most of what’s usually an annoyance.




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