Greatness and the Great Pumpkin

Creating Greatness

Every year there are giant pumpkin contests where a fierce competition ensues to show who has grown the biggest fruit.  Only a few months ago, the new world record was set at 2,032 pounds.  My wife enjoys baking pumpkin bread, and I cannot imagine how many loaves that monster pumpkin would help create.

In reading about the creation of these giant pumpkins, I noticed that the growers credit good seed, good soil, and good luck.

You cannot grow a champion pumpkin without the right seed.  The little seeds are specifically developed to yield amazingly large pumpkins.



In addition to the seeds, you must have the right soil.  Scientists study the soil of the winners, developing hypotheses about everything from the correct pH balance to how much potassium and other minerals are needed.

The luck part is less predictable, but the weather is important.  Lots of sun is important, moderate rain and protection from extensive wind or too much heat.

Reading about these gargantuan pumpkins, I thought about achieving results.  It’s the special mixture of seed, soil, and weather (luck) that makes it possible to create great things.



Like the pumpkins, we need to start with the right seed.  If you want to create great results, it starts here.  Your ideas, your talents, and your abilities are where it all starts.  The right seed is a mixture of discipline and innate talent.  Much of our lives is spent investing in our education and skill in order to develop the best seed.

If you feel like you didn’t spend enough time creating the right seed, here is the good news:  you can start today.  No matter your age or present circumstances, you can begin the journey of personal development today.

Spend the majority of your time developing your own unique gifts.




The word that comes to mind for me is culture.  If you have the right seed, but plant it in the wrong soil, what happens?  Not much.  Nothing is more frustrating than watching a talent waste and wither in the wrong location.

If you are in a situation where the company does not recognize your gifts, only you can do something about it.  You don’t need to quit your job immediately as that may not be wise.  It may be that you are learning something for your future.  You may also be planning.  You may also have the opportunity within your current environment.  Maybe no one is aware of your gift.




The wind, the rain, the sun may seem out of our control.  We may not be able to do much about our luck.  The right place, the right time.  We cannot worry about forces out of our control.  Our job is to do our best and plant our seed in the right soil.  Life provides us continual opportunities.  If we experience bad luck one season, we will have the chance to plant again.  That means we need to stay disciplined and keep at it.




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