Don’t Let These 2 Words Ruin Your Best Life

you should

Avoid these Words


What words can feel like you’re listening to nails on a chalkboard? Two words that often seem to be spoken at the most inopportune times.

At a family gathering.

Or perhaps in the office from the colleague down the hall.

Or the worst of all, your social media feed.

When the two words are written, or spoken from the armchair expert, or from the person who doesn’t have any credibility to weigh in, they seem to float in the air, looking for a place to land.

Often, they seem to come from the person who seemingly does nothing and yet is always there lurking with a comment. And it always seems to be negative or with a bite.

If we let them, these two words can stop our forward momentum. Kill our dreams. Steal our joy. Drop our hopes.



Here they are. Are you ready?




And then it takes every ounce of your energy not to respond, not to be hooked onto the negative journey that they want to take you on.

You should…

You should…

You should…

What is it about every subject that makes some people think that they are the authority? Or that their advice is wanted? Or that they have any business telling you what you should do?

If you solicited advice and help, great. If the person is an expert, awesome. If that person clearly has your best interest in mind, fantastic.

But that’s not usually the case, is it?



“You should” are two words that may be best left to the boss, the coach, or to the parental figure. If the person has clear authority over you, and says “you should,” then sure, by all means, take down some notes.

But what do you do about everyone else? Do you let them ruin your day, take charge of your life, alter your course?

You should…..not let that happen.


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