Breathe to Succeed

breathe to succeed

Take a Deep Breath 

Technology has revolutionized the way we work today, but working at the pace of tech is not sustainable.

Have you ever harnessed the power of a deep breath to change your day?

Research continues to validate the power of the breath. Learning how to breathe can increase your productivity and reduce your stress. Perhaps its simplicity is the reason many do not practice it daily.

In her new book, Breathe to Succeed, Sandy Abrams talks about how to utilize the power of breath & mindset tools in a simple, fast & effective way that helps us enhance clarity, creativity, productivity & success on many levels. I reached out to her to talk about her experiences and research.

The Benefits of Deep Breathing

There are so many scientific benefits to deep breathing, and you share them throughout the book. Would you just share a few of them?

Deep breaths immediately take us inward and bring us into the present moment, which is a coveted destination these days since most of our time is spent living in the past or future as well as externally: reacting to pop up notifications, emails, text, social media.

Deep breaths connect us to the part of our brain that regulates emotion; so with even just a few deep breaths we connect our mind and body and are able to work from optimal thoughts and energy rather than autopilot.

Deep breaths offer both immediate and long-term benefits like meditation but can be done in the moment, without having to master the art of stillness or reserve chunks of time.

What do you say to those who are skeptical (as you once were) of the power of breathing?

I love meeting the skeptics since I was one! I let them know that if I can do this, they can too—because my tools are from my perspective as a fast-paced entrepreneur who is not wired for meditation. Most skeptics are afraid of long-form meditation; they’re not familiar with the power of breath-in-the-moment as a viable form of meditation. So, it’s game changing when they see how fast and immediately actionable mindful breath can be.

You have seen so many people in different stages, including yourself. Would you share a story of someone who adopted a breathing practice and how it changed them?  I met a very stressed out, fast-paced entrepreneur, and he was on the verge of a breakdown. He knew he needed some mindfulness but absolutely had no extra time in his schedule. He resonated with 3 deep breaths and a positive mantra and simply attached the habit to his routines like walking from the car to the office, walking to the restroom, filling a water bottle or coffee, and it changed his whole nervous system, attitude and perspective. These are tools that you can start at any time, no prerequisite required, and they work immediately if you’re open minded to it.

Be Mindful

You spend some time on digital wellness. Talk about how to achieve it in our age of constant connection.  It’s all about self-awareness. We have to take a look at our digital habits, be mindful of the habits that can be self-sabotaging (in regard to wasting time) and set boundaries for digital routines. It’s so liberating to take control back from our devices and dictate on our own where our attention goes. It’s a daily practice that can become second nature once you decide to commit to understanding your tech lifestyle.

Would you share a morning ritual that helps shape the day?  Sipping my morning tonic, deciding what energy I need to manifest for the day and breathing into that. It’s key to set your priorities and goals for the day so you don’t allow too much distraction.

What has the response been to your new book?  It’s been tremendous and so heartwarming to see the impact that my simple, tried-and-true tools bring to positively change people’s stress level and move from negative to positive energy so they can be much more mindful and strategic in their thoughts and actions—and this leads to success on so many levels.

For more information, see Breathe to Succeed.

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