Aim Higher: Why It All Starts with Self-Awareness

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It Starts with Self-Awareness


I’ve worked with literally thousands of people over the years. And I’ve learned that one of the hardest things to teach is self-awareness. Note that I didn’t say that it’s hard to learn. It’s not. Once you understand the importance of self-awareness, you can do some really easy, practical things to help build it up as a key leadership skill.

But until you have that insight—that self-reflection is a competence that requires recognition, reflection and practice—you won’t start. Because, unlike many other skills, you can’t tell if you’re failing at self-awareness until you have at least a little.



I had a great chance to discuss this important topic with some colleagues recently. They bring some really unique and important ideas to the table, and some techniques for spotting holes in your own self-awareness regimen. As you listen, ask yourself this: have I taken the important step of acknowledging that self-awareness is a key ingredient of trust-building, and therefore of leadership?

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