Aim Higher: Inky Johnson and the power of attitude

Inky Johnson and the power of attitude

Tune up your attitude



On this episode of “Aim Higher,” I had the real privilege of sitting down with Inky Johnson, an international speaker who provides his audiences and clients with clear, compelling, effective ideas about overcoming challenges. Near the end of our talk, he said something I think is profound:


“Play the card you’re handed as if it’s the one you always wanted, regardless of what it is.”





If you haven’t heard Inky’s story, you may think that’s a bit glib. But I assure you, it is not. In his life, he moved from one extreme—deep poverty—to the other—as a college football star with a chance for an NFL career. And then he was thrown back into adversity when a life-threatening injury took him out of the game permanently.




What is more extraordinary about Inky than his personal story is how he has used it to help others. As he says, “You can’t always understand, ‘Why me?’ But you can try to survive, moment by moment until you are able to capture peace… and then share it.”



Inky has made it his life’s work to use his circumstances—all of them, adversity and success—to share the peace he’s been able to find. I promise there is something in his story that will speak to your own circumstance, as it has to me, and to the thousands of others his words have touched.


Click here to listen to Inky’s story.





Image Credit: Dave Adamson

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