Aim Higher: gratitude, connectedness, and season 3 wrap-up

Season 3 wrap-up

The Importance of Gratitude

We closed out this last episode of “Aim Higher” season three with some reflections on the importance of gratitude. I’d like to start there.



I am so very grateful, in this strange and challenging pandemic year, for the people who made this podcast possible. That includes all of you who listen and respond and ask questions and who “like” and rate and follow us on social media. It obviously includes the wonderful guests we’ve had on the show and my panelists like today’s regulars Drew and Tammi. It includes Carey, our producer and technical director and a bunch of other people behind the scenes. To all of you, thank you so much for making “Aim Higher” happen.


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Keeping this podcast going during COVID-19 was important to me because part of my leadership journey involves learning for my own sake, and then passing that along. But I realized as Drew and Tammi and I discussed the most prevalent themes from this season that “staying connected” was a huge part of what we discussed with many guests over the past year. Whether that was about how to give and get feedback, generational differences or even how to cultivate gratitude itself.



The Virtue of Connectedness

Connectedness is, I believe, a virtue. But it’s also a blessing. We often think about it as a means to an end — a way to increase productivity or get good feedback or inspire better behavior. Those are all fine ends, yes. No argument from me. But staying connected to our colleagues and peers is also just…nice. It’s friendly. It’s often fun. We spend a lot of time with the people at work. If we enjoy that time, our lives are immeasurably improved.

So, while I do hope you learned a lot from this season of “Aim Higher” — I know I did — and I hope you’ll tune in next season to learn more — I know I will — I also hope you had some fun. Because I surely did. During a year of very different struggles and separations, this was a place where I was still able to stay connected to many of you in a way that was both meaningful to me… and a blessing.

Thank you so much for listening. Be well, stay safe and have a great day.


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Image Credit: Aaron Burden

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