Aim Higher: Be the superhero of your own story


Be the superhero


On this episode of “Aim Higher,” I sit down with my friend Ford Saeks, founder and CEO of the Prime Concepts Creative Marketing Agency, and author of (among other books), Superpower: A Superhero’s Guide to Leadership, Business and Life. Ford is a research-based thought leader and a marketing guru for organizations looking to improve and expand their sales activities.



During our talk, Ford rattles off some very deep concepts in very few words. It’s a gift he has—the ability to concentrate complicated ideas down into short, helpful, understandable guidelines. One of the things he mentioned is that the organizations he’s worked with that have improved the most had one thing in common: they addressed their mindset first.


Address Your Mindset

What does that mean: to “address your mindset?” It sounds complicated. Maybe even scary. But, again, Ford breaks it down for us. To change your mindset, he says, you simply need to:

  • Assess where you are now
  • Establish where you want to be


Now that might sound too simple! But he says that many people don’t actually know exactly what they want. They have some vague ideas about achieving something, doing more or feeling better. But until you write out what you really want, in detail, you can’t change your mindset.




After that? Ford says that superpowers require you to take action and then assess the results. That’s it, and it’s why anyone can be a superhero… If you take the time to change your mindset first.


I hope you’ll take a few minutes today and learn more about your potential superpowers.


Click to listen.


For more information, see Superpower: A Superhero’s Guide to Leadership, Business and Life.





Image credit: Mehdi Messrro




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