Aim Higher: season two wrap-up 

Wrapping Up a Season

When I started the “Aim Higher” podcast in May of 2019, I knew I’d face challenges related to this new (for me) medium. And I welcomed them! I’ve been doing video interviews for years, but I knew podcasting was a very different format with different requirements and, often, different audiences. I had no qualms about the technology, both because (as you probably know) I’m a technophile myself, and I have a great team to help out with that aspect of the program. I also knew I’d suffer no lack of ideas or guests.



But there were the “known unknowns.” Like, “Will I be as comfortable talking and listening without the visual cues of a camera or a live guest?” And, “How will I know if a particular topic makes more sense for a video, podcast or written blog post? Or some combination?”



And then, of course, there were the “unknown unknowns”—which for all of us, ended up including COVID-19. “How will I produce a podcast when we all have to keep socially distant because of a worldwide pandemic?” was definitely NOT one of my considerations back in May 2019.

But with all those caveats aside, I approached this project with real excitement—because more than anything else, it gave me another opportunity to ask questions, listen to smart people, and share a little of my experience as a servant leader—which, during these last terribly challenging months—is a role I think is more important than ever.

As they often have, Drew Bordas and Tammi Spayde joined me for a panel discussion this week, and we chatted about some of our favorite moments from this past season. They each said something that I think is really important as I reflect on my journey as a leader and someone who speaks, writes—and now podcasts—about leadership.



Learn How to Learn

First, Drew said, “To be a leader, first you need to learn how to learn.” We talked about how you could go through a hundred leadership books and never improve, if you can’t figure out how to apply the lessons you find there to your own life and journey. I think he’s very right. If we’re not willing to learn and grow, it doesn’t matter how good a book or video or podcast is. We need to learn how—and why—we are trying to “aim higher.”

The other thing we all noted is how many of the guests on the podcast indicated that a regular, sustained, steady pace for growth is more important than trying to make some kind of big, herculean, one-time effort. As Tammi put it, “Ten minutes every day, early in your day, can set the stage for real change in your life.”



I’m so privileged to have Drew and Tammi—and my other guests—on this show. And these two points sum up, pretty succinctly, what I hope you can take away from the podcast. Know why you’re listening and do so with the purpose of overcoming mediocrity and making a daily, steady commitment to improvement.

I commit to you that that’s what I’ll be doing in the next season of “Aim Higher.” More of the “good stuff” you’ve come to expect. More high-powered guests. More intelligent, human, actionable advice from executives with decades of experience. More humor and more opportunities for growth.

It’s been a hard year. For all of us. But I hope that “Aim Higher” has helped you in your journey in some small way. If it has? Then you’ve made my year a little bit brighter, too.



Listen to our Season 2 Wrap Up by clicking here.


Take care, stay safe and healthy, and I hope you’ll join us next season.

I’m so grateful for you listening, even more grateful when you rate the show and share it with others. It means the world.

To your continued success!


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