7 Tenets of Taxi Terry

It Started With A Question


“Are you ready for the best cab ride of your life?”

When the door slammed shut, Scott McKain wasn’t only taking a cab ride to his hotel.  He was embarking on one of the greatest customer experiences he could imagine.  Not only would Scott enjoy a memorable cab ride, he would exit that taxi with lessons that can make a difference in every business.


Research: 73% of customers will do business with you because of friendly employees.



The taxi driver, Taxi Terry, didn’t know that he had just picked up my friend, bestselling author, extraordinary professional speaker, and customer service expert Scott McKain.  Of all the people in the world to pick up at the airport, Taxi Terry picked up a global expert in standing out, in the art of distinction. In fact, he is the Chairman of the Distinction Institute.


7 Tenets of Taxi Terry

  1. Set high expectations and then exceed them.
  2. Delivering what helps the customer helps you.
  3. Customers are people, so personalize their experience.
  4. Think logically and then act creatively and consistently.
  5. Make the customer the star of your show.
  6. Help your customers come back for more.
  7. Creating joy for your customer will make your work–and life–more joyful.


That simple, enthusiastic question, directed to an exhausted traveler one night was the beginning of a customer experience that tens of thousands of people have learned from. Scott has presented the lessons he learned to audiences around the world.  And the lessons are now available in a new book, one that will inspire you.  7 Tenets of Taxi Terry is sure to be one of the enduring business books that will come up in conversations everywhere (yes, even in a cab!).


“If you want your business to get better, the first step is for you to get better.” –Scott McKain


Do You Want to Create Memorable Customer Experiences?

Let me ask you that same enthusiastic question.  Because if you really take the ride, you will learn how to create and deliver extraordinary customer experiences.  And your outlook will never be quite the same.

“Are you ready for the best cab ride of your life?”





More of my favorite quotes from Taxi Terry:


“Set high expectations, then, exceed them!” –Scott McKain


“Passion without effort equals failure.” –Scott McKain


“If you want customers to know they matter to you, show it by being interested in what matters to them.” –Scott McKain


“Don’t invalidate your innovative ideas with inaction.” –Scott McKain


“If you keep your goals locked in your head, you have only a wish.” –Scott McKain


“If you want to enhance your performance, give your specific goal a realistic timeframe for achievement.” –Scott McKain


“A written goal is your contract with yourself for consistent performance and higher achievement.” –Scott McKain


“The most successful organizations are the ones that make it easy to do business with them.” –Scott McKain


“Creating customer joy requires dedication to distinctive engagement.” –Scott McKain


“Make the customer the star of the show.” –Scott McKain

7 Tenets of Taxi Terry



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