6 Steps to Communicate with Impact

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“We spend as much as 80 percent of our waking day in some form of communication.” -Patrick Donadio


6 Steps to Communicate with Impact

Three quick facts I learned from reading just the first few pages of Communicating with Impact: Effectively Communicate Ideas and Achieve Greater Results:

  1. Almost 80 percent of your day is spent in some form of communication.
  2. Communication skills ranked as the most or second-most desired skill in all industries.
  3. Better communication leads to better results.


“Companies with effective communication had 47 percent higher returns to shareholders over five years.” -Patrick Donadio


Rather eye-opening before I even got into the book. It’s hard to overstate the importance of communicating well. I am on a constant personal journey to learn how to connect with others more authentically, to listen better, and to express myself more clearly.

Today I am excited to introduce you to someone who is a master teacher on the art of communication. His work has helped me, and I hope you enjoy our discussion.

He certainly has the background. For three decades, Patrick Donadio has trained thousands of leaders and teams. He has served on the board of the National Speakers Association and is one of only a handful of people who have earned both the Certified Speaking Professional designation from NSA and the Master Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation. He has taught communications at The University of Notre Dame, the Weatherhead School of Management, The Ohio State University and The John Glenn College of Public Affairs.


“Communication skills ranked as the most or second-most desired baseline skill in all industries.” -Patrick Donadio


In this video interview, we talk about the six steps to communicate with impact:









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For more information, see Communicating with Impact: Effectively Communicate Ideas and Achieve Greater Results.




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