When Books Fly: Lessons from Lessmore

One of the most creative, and inspiring short films I have ever seen is “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.”  I’ve seen teenagers cry and toddlers mesmerized when watching this fifteen-minute film.  Adults barely contain their sense of wonder.

There are so many messages from this short film to consider.  If I were an English professor, I would assign this film as an essay question just to see what students would write.  What makes it so powerful is not only the emotion it evokes, but also the different lessons everyone takes away.

Here are a few:

Books and words are:

  • Transformative.  Books can transform lives, literally injecting color in an otherwise drab world.
  • Enlightening.  We are strengthened through our exposure to multiple ideas and many voices.  Though the film is filled with books in every scene, there are only a few times you can read the text inside.  One of the lines that jumps out for me is, “The many and varied points of view I have encountered do not confuse, but enrich.”
  • Enduring.  Mr. Morris Lessmore writes his story throughout the film.  The finished book is passed onto the next generation.  Though people change, the words remain.

We are all writing our own story.  All of us begin with blank pages.  It’s up to us to create a compelling, enriching life.  It’s up to us to fill our lives with meaning.  If we craft our story with care, it will endure and make a difference.  Our world is made bright through the collective experience of others who have gone before us.

Remember:  You are the author of the most important, unfolding story:  the story of your life.  Make it count.


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