Turn Your Car Into Your Personal Success Machine

Many years ago, I heard Zig Ziglar recommend turning your car into a “rolling university.”  He explained that you could listen to motivational seminars, hear great speakers, learn a language, brush up on some sales skills.  Really anything you wanted to learn could be one cassette tape away.

I listened to Zig’s advice.  (I even have boxes of old cassette tapes in the basement.)  Technology has changed, but his advice remains as powerful today as it was then.

My personal habit varies between seminars, news programs, and music.  I like to listen to the news, but if that’s all I do, I often arrive at my destination mentally stressed.  Seminars and speeches give me additional insights and ideas.  If you like audiobooks, what a great opportunity to “read” more books.



The power of music can also make a huge difference.  Music can transport your emotions like almost nothing else.  You know that guy who is blasting the music, singing and dancing the whole way?  Sometimes that’s me.  I don’t care who is watching.  It puts me in a good mood like almost nothing else.

Now we’ve talked about what to listen to, but we should also mention what not to do while driving.  By now, I hope we all know how dangerous a smartphone can be.  Texting while driving kills.  Equally true is that talking on a cell phone is not as safe as you may think.  Turn it off.  Also, I’ve seen guys shaving with electric razors in the morning.  Not a good idea.  Personal grooming, I think we can all agree, is best handled at home.  The only time in my life I have called 911 was when a car careened back and forth across Old Hickory Boulevard (four lanes).  I thought the driver was drunk.  As I got closer, I saw that it was a young girl putting on makeup.  Horns blaring; cars swerving out of the way; nothing mattered.

The next time you’re driving to work, think about it.  Let your car be your personal success vehicle.  Build an audio library.  Take advantage of podcasts.  Whatever works for you.

Remember:  if your vehicle is only moving your body, you are missing its full potential.


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