Lines and Wisdom from Willy Wonka

Lines and Quotes of Willy Wonka

Gene Wilder is among the best of the best. So many amazing movies from Blazing Saddles to The Producers are forever etched in our collective memories. How many of us find ourselves quoting his lines from Young Frankenstein?

It isn’t just the big movies. Even the smaller ones have continued impact. He made an appearance as Mock Turtle in one version of Alice in Wonderland, singing “Beautiful Soup.” To this day, I use it in conversation. Recently, on a rare vacation, my family was staring at the gorgeous blue waters. I said, “Isn’t this a beautiful soup?” They immediately knew the reference.

Few people have that type of lasting influence.

Like many others, I think there’s simply nothing better than the way Gene Wilder portrayed Willy Wonka. It was pure genius. And his lines! The lines that most often find their way into my mind at the oddest of times. And, truth be told, I have found myself staring, like Wonka does, off in the distance, imagining.

My hope is that he heard this first line after passing:



We are the Dreamers of Dreams

Here are some of those Willy Wonka lines to remember the actor. If you’re a fan, you will likely hear Gene Wilder’s voice in your head as your read them. And, if you think about them, you’ll also find some wisdom that will make you think.

















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