9 Scientific Reasons It May Be Time to Give Up

give up

Wave the White Flag


Why don’t you just give up? Time to throw in the towel? Hey, just move on, why don’t ya?

These questions may be lingering inside your head and discouraging you from persevering.

As someone who studies motivation, I know that most big goals are met when you power through. Overcoming obstacles is key to success.

Most quotes always talk about NOT giving up:





Few want to talk about the subject of giving up. It’s not very motivational.

And yet there are times when it’s important to shift focus. Your goals may need adjusting. You may develop a new vision of where you want to go entirely.

If nothing else, think of this as a public service announcement on why you gave up the New Year’s Resolution. No, you didn’t give up, you recalibrated. 🙂

Whatever your goals, I wish you much success in getting there.




Here are some reasons why you may want to give up:



Photo Credit: Nathan Dumlao


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