3 Strategies to Make Change Last

make change last

How to Make Change Stick

The One You Feed is a popular podcast with millions of downloads. It is hosted and produced Eric Zimmer. The podcast is based on the parable about two wolves who battle within us.

Some time ago, I was a guest on the show and immediately could see why it has become so popular. Eric is an insightful interviewer. (To hear Eric interview me for The One You Feed, you can click here).

Eric’s story is itself inspirational. His background includes a past where he found himself homeless and addicted to heroin. His story of recovery from hitting the bottom to his current life as successful entrepreneur, podcaster, and behavior coach is one to learn from and remember.

Only a few years prior to our interview, I was at TedTalk Columbus and watched Eric’s talk. After he recorded our podcast, which was done in-person, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to turn the tables and interview him.

Eric talked about his story of overcoming the odds, his moment of clarity, and his behavioral studies on how to create new habits and make all lasting change stick.



3 strategies to help us make change last:

  1. Take small continents
  2. Concentrate your armies
  3. Make treaties and alliances



Click above and watch our video interview.





Image Credit: Charlotte Collins

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