13 Reasons To Guest Blog

If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t have started this blog without first guest posting for a number of blogs.  For a long time.  Maybe even so long that I would’ve just done that instead.  (I digress.)

By guest blogging, I would have seen some benefits by:

  1. Gaining blogging experience
  2. Establishing authority
  3. Developing relationships
  4. Allowing the opportunity to share perspective
  5. Testing the water to see whether it was something I enjoyed
  6. Improving blog writing skills
  7. Increasing influence
  8. Learning online rules and practices
  9. Adding to industry reputation or brand building (self or company)

Now that I have a blog, I know that the benefits include all of the above and also lead to:

10. Improving SEO (search engine optimization

11. Increasing blog traffic

12. Creating valuable back links from other websites

13. Reaching a new audience and growing a community

Thinking of Guest Posting?

Whether you have a blog or not, you probably know that guest blogging helps you in all of the above ways.  Because of that, you may decide you want to guest blog.

It may have nothing at all to do with any of these reasons.  You may have something to say.  You don’t want to go through all of the work of creating and maintaining a blog.  And maybe it’s just something that is on your mind.

If any of these reasons are valid.

Guest Post Update

After much consideration, we are no longer accepting submitted guest posts from people we don’t know. If you’re an author, we do accept a limited number of guest posts if submitted by your publicist for consideration.

This is your chance.

Because I also know that readers enjoy multiple perspectives, I have always tried to include a variety of thought leaders on this blog.  Interviews and features have spanned all parts of the political and business spectrum and also included best-selling fiction authors.  I’m often asked whether I agree with everyone and every idea featured.  Answer:  no.  That would be impossible.  You can’t hold opposing views.  At least not outside the confines of an institution designed to help with that.

I do, however, try to feature interesting perspectives.  I know the audience.  I’m focused on topics like leadership, creativity, innovation, productivity, business strategy, personal development and success.

With all of that in mind, I have developed a list of guidelines for guest posting.


Subject.  The subject of the blog post should be one that fits the blog.  For this blog, that means themes about leadership, creativity, innovation, business strategy, personal development and success all work.  It may also be something related to publishing, writing, digital technologies, or books.

Style.  You want your post to be in your own voice.  Have someone proofread it before submitting it.  Ask that person whether it sounds like you.

Length.  My guideline is “be effective.”  That leaves it up to you, but I generally feel that posts longer than 900 words are pushing the limit.  Many effective posts are 300 words.  Also, I’ve found that bullet points work well (though I’m still learning to use them more).

Originality.  The blog post must not be duplicated anywhere else.  You cannot post it in two places.  You can start the post on your own blog, including a paragraph and linking it to the full post here.

Visuals.  If you have any artwork, pictures, graphs or outlines that you can add to the post, it helps engage readers.  Just make sure you have permission or copyright to these before using them.

Comment.  After the post is published, you should share it with your own social networks.  A few months ago, I interviewed Jill Geisler about her terrific book “Work Happy.”  When it went live, some readers asked questions in the comments section.  Jill just jumped right in and started answering them.  That type of engagement makes a very successful post.  You should be prepared to add to the discussion.


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