Don’t Let Others Determine Your Value

Coins Spilling from a Jar

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On my desk at home, I have a jar of coins.  In it is mostly pennies and nickels.  Today as I was throwing some extra change into the jar, I found an old buffalo nickel.  I didn’t expect to find it just sitting on top.

And that got me thinking.  Inside this jar there are likely other coins more valuable than I think.  Inside companies are employees more valuable than the company leaders think.  And inside of you is more potential than you could possibly think.

The government slaps a value on a coin when it’s minted.  A penny is worth one cent.  But did you know that a US penny today may be worth one cent at a store, but it costs more than twice that to make it?  Or that a nickel costs over 11 cents to manufacture?  The value of the metal inside is more than the value of the currency.

You see the label on the outside does not reflect the value on the inside.

Your Real Value

As you read this, others have slapped a value on you.  And you likely have accepted some value for yourself.  Maybe when you were growing up you were told that you weren’t good at something.  You believed it.  You may have been told you weren’t “management material” by your first boss.  Maybe you had a dream of starting a business, but someone discouraged you.

“If your dream is big enough, then make it your goal to become big enough to achieve it.” -Skip Prichard

If your dream is big enough, then make it your goal to become big enough to achieve it.

It’s A Choice

Here’s the deal.  That label that others see?  It’s up to you whether to accept it or not.  If your dream is big enough, then make it your goal to become big enough to achieve it.  Personal development says, “I’m going to become more than this.”  Soon enough the world will see what you already know:  You have what it takes.

Don’t let a label someone else stamped on you become your reality.

Have you ever been labeled? Have you accepted a label for too long? What are you doing to increase your own value? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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