Guest Blogging

Guest posting can be a terrific way to reach new audiences, establish your online presence or just share some of your thoughts.  Maybe you have your own blog or maybe you just want to share without the hassle of launching one.

I encourage you to try your hand at blogging whether here or somewhere else.

You hold the key in your hand.  It opens a new door of opportunity.  Why not see where it leads?

Before you submit anything, I recommend you read my post 13 Reasons to Guest Blog.  If you are interested, please read the below guidelines and then complete the form.


NEW NOTICE: For a variety of reasons, we are accepting only a very few guest posts. This is likely not the place to start if you are new to guest posting and blogging. We are unable to respond with comments.


Acceptable content. Please read several blog posts before making a submission. This will give you a feel for the type of post that works for the audience. Topic categories such as personal development and leadership are most often accepted.

Original content. Content must be 100% original. It must not appear anywhere else and you must agree not to publish it elsewhere. This includes your own blog. You may publish a brief overview and a link to the full post elsewhere.

Bio. We publish a brief bio of the writer. If you use the search box on the blog, you can search for guest posts and see samples. Only a few lines, please.

Length. A blog post ranges from 500 to 1200 words.

Links. You can link to your bio on another page or your own blog from the bio section. We generally do not allow numerous other links. We choose what links will be included in the post body.

Essay writing services. Due to a number of submissions from these services, we are adding this to our guidelines. Skip is the CEO of a business serving libraries and educators. He will not allow links to services promoting essay or writing services.

Editing. We have an editorial team reviewing submissions. We generally will send you a preview before publication. We are unable to provide reasons why we do not accept posts, nor can we respond to every submission.

Graphics. We generally choose the pictures because we want to ensure proper use of images. If you have images you would like to include, you must let us know that you have the rights to do so.

Promotions. We decline promotional posts.

Samples. Please do not submit samples of your work. Please do not send sample titles expecting pre-approval.

Infographics. At times, we publish infographics. If you are sending one in, send it as an attachment and indicate what requirements you may have for its publication. Do not contact us repeatedly asking again and again. Please.

New writers. This blog may be better suited for experienced writers.

Thank you for your interest. The above list was designed to help you understand our guidelines. We appreciate your interest.

  • You will hear back within two weeks of submission. If you don’t hear back, check in and make sure it was received. I cannot guarantee to publish your post as there are a variety of reasons it may not fit. I have a small group of people who will help decide what should be allowed. You should edit the piece first, but we will also review it for grammar, etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.