Michael Hyatt on Leadership

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Michael Hyatt is the Chairman of Thomas Nelson.  In addition, he is a New York Times best-selling author, a speaker, and a personal friend of mine.  He also runs a hugely popular leadership blog, which consistently is ranked among the top in the world.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Michael about what he has learned about leaders from his storied career and his social networking experiences.

5 Characteristics of Authentic Leaders






Michael explained the five characteristics of authentic leaders:

1.  They have insight.

2.  They demonstrate initiative.

3.  They have true influence.

4.  They have impact.

5.  They lead with integrity.

Michael also talked about another responsibility of good leadership.  Leaders are responsible for designing what Michael calls “wow experiences.”  For your product or service to be noticed today, you need to exceed expectations.

Tomorrow, I will post an interview with Michael on his new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.


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