7 Customer Service Strategies for an Amazing Customer Experience

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It’s Customer Service Week making it an ideal time to review your customer service strategy.

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the world’s authorities on the customer experience.  Shep Hyken is an author, speaker, and consultant to some of the world’s largest companies.  He is a member of the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement and is a member of the distinguished Speaker’s Roundtable.  His books include The Loyal Customer, Moments of Magic, and the bestselling books The Cult of the Customer and his latest The Amazement Revolution.

In The Amazement Revolution, Shep outlines seven powerful strategies to increase customer and employee loyalty.  As Shep says, the Amazement Revolution is, “The strategic decision to remake your organization or your team based on the principle of amazement.”

It seems simple, but it’s profound.  What if you and your organization really remade everything in your company around creating an AMAZING customer experience?  What would happen?

Why amaze your customers?  Because customers who are amazed become loyal.  And loyal customers become evangelists for your organization.


But what leads to amazement?  In The Cult of the Customer, Shep Hyken outlines the five customer cults:  uncertainty, alignment, experience, ownership and amazement.

And what are the best practices to create amazement?  The seven strategies from The Amazement Revolution are:

In this video interview we talk about topics including:

  • Why customer service can save the economy
  • How to influence customers to become loyal evangelists for your company
  • How to develop a corporate culture passionate about customer service
  • How to turn a difficult customer around
  • When its time to send the customer to the competition
  • How customer service can differentiate your business
What do you do to create AMAZING experiences for your customer? What stories do you have about customer service? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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